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 Relieve the tension and stress of your day

What our customers are saying

These packs are amazing!  Very well made and are great for sore muscles or just to help you relax after a long day.  My favorite is the lemongrass/lavender neck one.  I use it all the time.  I store mine in the freezer and the kids use them all the time to "fix" their boo-boos.  Then I warm it up at night and relax after a long day with the kids.  I highly recommend them!

Sarah B.

Looking for help relieving the tension and stress of your day?  All of my hot/cold packs use both temperature and scent to help soothe your tired mind and body. 

Why Aromatherapy

More than any other sense, people respond to smell on an emotional level. Different aromas can trigger different emotions and chemical reactions within the mind and body.  Aromatherapy can have many different effects

~ calm/relax & soothe ~
~ energize/invigorate the body ~
~ open the airways ~
~ de-stress both brain & body ~

Why Flax

~ Flax seeds contains 30 – 40% oil, which means that it can be warmed over and over again without losing its ability to retain heat ~
~ Flax seeds have a lighter weight than grains typical of hot/cold packs ~
~ The smaller size of the flax seeds will help them conform to the body better ~
~ When heated flax will still retain half its heat after an hour in the open, under the covers they will stay warm for hours ~
~ When heated flax seeds provide a gentle & soothing warmth ~
~ Flax can be chilled in the freezer to help soothe fevers and slight inflammations ~
~ Flax seeds will not get cold enough to cause you to go numb/ice burn ~