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 Relieve the tension and stress of your day

What our customers are saying

I was given one of your amazing hot/cold packs for Mother's day!  Amazing!  It is beautiful and smells amazing.  I would highly recommend using this product for home or for traveling as well.  It is beautifully made and feels wonderful!

Kathie C.


Eye Pillows

Our eye pillows are the perfect size to fit across your eyes after a long day of looking at a screen.  They will gently cover your eyes and lock out distracting light.

Approx. 2.5x8.5 inches


Available with elastic $15

Neck/Shoulder Wraps

These wraps are designed to drape around the back of your neck and over your shoulders.  Great for the tightness we all get from subconscious hunching of our shoulders.

Approx. 4x20 inches


Large Pillows

The large pillow is the most adaptable size pillow we carry.  Suitable for almost any spot on the body, it will conform to whichever joint or muscle group you choose.

Approx. 8x9 inches


Full Back Pillows

These pillows are designed to fit across the lower back or along the length of the spine.  They are also helpful in relieving the pains associated with sciatica.  There are 3 channels sewn into the pillows to help the flax seed distribute evenly.

Approx. 8x20 inches


Standard Pillows

Similar to the large pillow, this size is more universal than some of the others.  When using on the face it blocks more light than the eye pillow making it a great choice for those who suffer from light-sensitive migraines.

Approx. 5x8.5 inches


Essential Oil Roller

Small travel size bottle with roller tip for easy application.  Great for long car rides & other stressful endeavors.

Available in all scents and customs mixes.

3 mL small rollers

10 mL large rollers


Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs help to reduce inflammation in the skin and flush toxins.  The larger/tougher salt granules remove dead skin cells.  Great for exfoliation and polishing of hardened skin areas, such as elbows, knees, and feet.

Made with refined coconut oil, epsom salt, & your choice of essential oils.

For external use only.


Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are more gentle than salt scrubs due to the smaller crystal size.  This makes them to perfect facial scrub.  After exfoliation the sugar helps to replenish the moisture of the underlying new skin cells.

Made with refined coconut oil, pure granulated sugar, & your choice of essential oils.

For external use only.


Full Aprons

One size fits most adults, perfect for cooking, cleaning, or crafting. Easy tie at the waist & neck with color coordinating ribbon. No special washing care needed.


Waist/Half Aprons

One size fits most adults, perfect for cooking, cleaning, or crafting.  Easy tie at the waist with color coordinating ribbon.  No special washing care needed.


Children's Aprons

Perfect for toddlers and young children these aprons are easy to wear and easy to clean.  Perfect for cooking or crafts.  Ties at the neck and waist with extra room for growth.  No special washing needed.


Shirt Pillows

Made from new/gently used men's shirts, these pillows are completely washable as the buttons on the front are still fully functional.  I am able to make these pillows out of shirts that you may already have from a lost loved one, they make great hand-me-downs/heirlooms for family members.

Size depends on shirt size: 14/16/18 inch


Computer Wrist Rest Set

Each set includes a wrist rest for in front of your keyboard and a rest for in front of your mouse.  This set helps to support your wrists to help prevent strain that can lead to things such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Since this set is made to be out in the open all day long every day the most popular option is to leave it unscented.  This item can still be scented if you would prefer.


Crochet Voodoo Dolls

Custom made to order!

Adorable little crochet voodoo dolls great for quirky gifts, sewing needle/pin cushion, or for Halloween decorations.  Each doll comes with 6 pins. 


Custom Products

Almost anything is possible with imagination.  I am able to create custom products and/or adjustments to those that I already make.  Contact me for more information about custom orders. 

Price based on sizing compared to standard product line

Removable Sleeves

Removable sleeves are available for all sizes of pillows except eye masks.  All sleeves are made to fit like a pillow case and are completely washable.